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A Short- and Long-Term Review of the Power of Diversification

For generations, investors have looked to the financial markets to build wealth by participating in the growth of economies both near and far.

Keep Calm and Remain Diversified is a program created by financial advisors for financial advisors and their clients. We listened to advisors' biggest challenges and aligned with them to create this educational material that visually brings together some of their best ideas. We update the charts and edit constantly based on feedback that we get from our network of wealth management partners.

The first section is "Keep Calm," and explores ways to set expectations for investing, the merits of staying invested, and how thinking long term can benefit investors. The "Remain Diversifed" section extols the merits of diversification and risk management.

Keep Calm: Managing Investment Expectations

The Law of Market Cycles

S&P 500® Index Total Return Through Market Cycles Since 1926

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A Closer Look at Historical Bear Markets

Bear markets are a normal part of investing. Predicting them is nearly impossible, but are you prepared?

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A Closer Look at the Most Recent Market Cycles

The current bull market is over a decade old but the rise has come with some volatility. How confident are you about the future in what may be the later stages of a bull market?

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Feast or Famine?

Do you know how often the market has returned it's historical average? You may be surprised.

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Remaining Invested Is Critical

Missing as few as 10 days can significantly impact returns. Are you thinking long term?

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Defining Volatility for Clients

What does risk mean to most investors?

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Remain Diversified: Why Diversification Matters

A Review of Asset Class Performance

No one can consistently predict which asset classes will outperform.

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Diversification Requires Thinking Beyond the S&P 500® Index

A diversified portfolio has historically provided a smoother ride for investors. Are you thinking beyond the S&P 500 Index?

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The Power of Diversification

A diversified portfolio has the potential to smooth the ride while reducing losses.

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A Diversified Portfolio Offers Better Performance and a Smoother Ride

Most long term investors agree that the balanced approach of a diversified portfolio is a sound strategy. Are you properly diversified?

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The Importance of a Long-Term Perspective

Volatility always makes headlines. Which can make investing for the long-term a challenge.

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Three Decades of Market Cycles

Although most investors don't think in terms of standard deviation, it's an important tool for measuring risk. Especially when reviewing the last three decades.

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Keep Calm and Remain Diversified: Video

In this video, Kevin Cooper, Head of Portfolio Research at AMG Funds, provides a short- and long-term review of the power of diversification.

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Action Plan

The potential benefits of diversification are clear in terms of providing:


  • Less risk than a non-diversified portfolio
  • A smoother ride through market ups and downs
  • Better preparedness in the event of a market downturn


We know that investors' personal financial lives and goals are unique. The best plan is one that is custom fit for your investing journey. That is why we always recommend that investors work with a financial advisor to "keep calm and remain diversified." Your financial advisor can offer guidance to help ensure your portfolio is diversified appropriately. He or she may:

  • Assign different risk levels to parts of your portfolio that are linked to specific goals such as:

- Saving for college

- Planning for retirement

- Other short- and long-term personal goals

  • Monitor your diversification strategy annually, rebalancing as needed to avoid unintended concentrations in any one category

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in declining markets.

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