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Explore our differentiated SMA line-up comprised of our independent partner-owned
investment managers.

We have a unique model, which aligns our independent partner-owned investment managers for the benefit of our clients. Offering a full range of SMAs across investment styles, including U.S. and International Equity, ESG and Impact investing, and Fixed Income Strategies.

Potential Advantages of Separately Managed Accounts


Managed by AMG’s network of autonomous investment firms, our SMAs offer ownership and flexiblity to high net worth investors, with exposure to a variety of investment styles. Potential benefits of investing in separately managed accounts include:

  • Direct ownership of individual securities, which allows for customization and transparency
  • A dedicated team of portfolio managers from AMG’s exclusive network of investment managers
  • Greater tax efficiency than mutual funds, controlled by the individual

The Opportunity Provided by AMG’s Unique Model

AMG’s network of independent partner-owned investment managers offers investors exclusive access to strategies that are tailored to their investment goals. AMG’s unique business model allows investors to access boutiques that they otherwise could not. Our investment managers are focused specialists, which we believe benefits our clients’ portfolios. We provide access to separately managed accounts across nearly every asset class and up and down the risk spectrum including ESG, Fixed Income, Domestic, and International Equity.

Learn more about our managers’ depth of experience and products offered below.


AMG Managers and Strategies

Beutel Goodman

Adding value with a proven approach, Beutel Goodman manages over $8 billion in U.S., EAFE, and global equities, with nearly $1.5 billion managed within separately managed account strategies.

Strategies available on our platform:

  • Global Equity
  • International Equity
  • U.S. Large Cap Value
Boston Common Asset Management

Women-led and majority women- and employee-owned, Boston Common Asset Management integrates disciplined financial research with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis.

Strategies available on our platform:

  • Global Impact
  • International
  • U.S. Large Cap Value

Frontier Capital Management Company, LLC, specializes in growth and value equity investments on behalf of institutional and individual clients.

Strategies available on our platform:

  • Mid Cap Growth

Harding Loevner manages global equity portfolios that are available to investors around the world.

Strategies available on our platform:

  • Global Equity ADR
  • International Equity ADR

Tracing its history back to 1946, Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc. is an independent asset management firm. Their team of investment professionals still share the same entrepreneurial spirit which drives the way they serve their institutional clients globally.

Strategies available on our platform:

  • Global Equity ADR
  • U.S. Large Cap Growth

Renaissance’s dynamic investment approach seeks to identify growth opportunities in all market environments and offer a wide range of equity investment options.

Strategies on our platform:

  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • International Equity ADR
  • International Small Cap Equity
  • Large Cap Growth
  • Mid Cap Growth
  • Small Cap Growth

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