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A World of Opportunity: Surveying the Global Equity Investing Landscape

While the U.S. stock market has rebounded from the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, uncertainty remains high. U.S. investors who have stayed invested are back to enjoying strong returns and continue to question the need to allocate beyond the U.S. However, while the U.S. stock market has led for the past several years, it is unclear that this will continue and further neglects opportunities abroad.

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Successful Investing While Doing Good

A new offering from AMG Funds uses an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment approach to seek long-term capital appreciation.

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Real Return Global Investing for Your Future

An exciting new addition to the AMG Funds platform, the Fund seeks to provide principal protection along with the opportunity to participate in global economic growth.

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Boutique Perspectives

We believe that listening to a diverse set of viewpoints and perspectives and making up your own mind is a critical success factor for financial advisors to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Explore market commentaries and macro views from some of the world’s leading independent investment managers here.

Global Perspectives

GW&K Investment Management’s Bill Sterling reviews global markets and their effects on fiscal expansion.

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Active Investor Impact Update

Boston Common shares their views on the ESG landscape in their latest Active Investor Impact update.

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Municipal Bond Credit Perspective

GW&K Investment Management’s Sheila May, CFA provides perspective on the Municipal Bond Credit Market

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Boston Common Global Impact Strategy Report

Explore the latest insights from the annual report for Boston Common’s Global Impact Strategy.

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Harding Loevner Research and Insights

Harding Loevner demonstrates their commitment to deep research on a range of investment topics including ideas, arguments, and musings found only from within the walls of Harding Loevner.

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Annual Impact Report

Boston Common Asset Management’s Fifth Annual Impact Report highlights the broad scope of their leadership, engagements, and projects in a year of unique challenges. They reflect on their ongoing engagement and thought leadership work across the environmental, social, and governance landscape.

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The Boutique Advantage

Not all active managers are created equal, and independent boutique managers with high conviction and differentiated strategies are distinct from massive institutions

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International vs. U.S. Equities – Is This an Inflection?

Ferrill Roll, CFA, Harding Loevner’s CIO and International Equity portfolio manager, offers his perspectives on the current market landscape and the opportunities we see in quality growth international equities.


Investor Engagement

Financial advisors are challenged to keep their clients informed and engaged on market activity while also keeping them focused on outcomes. Explore content designed to engage and educate clients on a range of topics from the investing basics to diversification and international investing.

Equity Style Analysis: Growth vs. Value

Value has shifted to outperform growth; will the trend continue?

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Investment Essentials

We have designed our Investment Essentials program to provide you with the basics of investing. Equipped with this knowledge, you can have better conversations with your financial advisor and, potentially, find better solutions to your investment needs.

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