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Featured Perspectives

Rebalancing International Equities: What to Know. What to Consider.

Given the lessons of market history, the question is not if international equities will outperform their U.S. cousins, it is when. Consistently rebalancing your portfolio is key.
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The Pitfalls of Emotional Investing and How to Avoid Them

Knee-jerk reactions to market fluctuations can lead to buying high and selling low, making it difficult to stay on track and achieve long-term financial goals. Remaining invested in a diversified portfolio for the long-term can help avoid the pitfalls of emotional investing.
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An Age-old Paradigm to Client Conversations: Their Knowledge on Risk

Our research shows 90% of investors cannot identify common measures of risk, yet 80% of investors consider themselves at least somewhat knowledgeable about investing. This gap in understanding presents an opportunity for advisors to add value for their clients by building a shared understanding about risk and diversification.
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Diversification and the Impact of Income

A key tenet of successful investing is to remain invested and diversified so that your portfolio may benefit from the unpredictable nature of the market. However, how are these returns impacted by an investor's need for income?
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Shielding Retirement Assets From Taxes

The impact for retirees and their heirs
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Laying a Bigger Nest Egg

The current investment environment makes retirement nest eggs less effective than many retirees had hoped. Understanding potential retirement income shortfalls is a critical first step. The hard part–developing a plan to avoid that shortfall–comes next.
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