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Mom and Dad, Where Were You When World Dynamics Shifted to Asia?

The expansion of the emerging markets consumer is a long-term, global secular trend—and may be one of the most powerful investment trends of the next several decades.
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Navigating Uncertainty in the Municipal Bond Market

The municipal bond market has been hit with unique challenges in 2020. There are 50,000 issuers in the US, how each one will react to the long term impacts of COVID-19 is yet to be seen. Many investors are adjusting their municipal portfolios by choosing quality over yield. Discover GW&K’s active approach to high quality.
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Morningstar Podcast: The Long View

Harding Loevner's Simon Hallett discusses what football can teach investors about franchise value and people management.
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Keep Calm and Remain Diversified

A short- and long-term review of the power of diversification.
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A World of Opportunity: Surveying the Global Equity Investing Landscape

The vast size of the global investment universe offers diversification possibilities in both non-U.S. developed, emerging, and frontier markets equities. While it is impossible to predict next year’s out-performers, investors who diversify globally may be well positioned to achieve their long-term goals.
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Think Small: International Small Cap Offers Big Opportunities

Market inefficiencies in international small cap have allowed active managers to add meaningful value. Historically, adding small cap to an international allocation would have boosted long-term returns without greatly increasing volatility.
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Equity Style Analysis: Growth vs. Value

Recent equity growth style outperformance may be testing the resolve many investors have to remain diversified. Although it is nearly impossible to predict when and to what extent these performance and valuation trends will reverse themselves, historically they have. Rather than try to predict future trends, investors should consider remaining diversified over the long term.
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