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Adding value with a proven approach, Beutel Goodman manages over $8 billion in U.S., EAFE, and global equities, with nearly $1.5 billion managed within separately managed account strategies.


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Beutel Goodman Global Equity Strategy

The Beutel Goodman Global Equity Strategy seeks to maximize portfolio returns over the long term through the application of a disciplined value-investing approach emphasizing capital preservation and focusing on absolute risk and return. The Strategy is a concentrated portfolio of 40 to 70 high-conviction, mid- to large-cap stocks listed primarily in the U.S. and international developed markets. The investment team imposes limitations on the maximum weight in any individual security or sector to ensure adequate diversification. The portfolio is invested prudently with respect to geographic concentrations, with a typical maximum of 10% in emerging markets.

Beutel Goodman International Equity Strategy

Beutel Goodman’s International Equity Strategy utilizes a disciplined value-investing approach which emphasizes free cash flow in the valuation of businesses. Beutel Goodman seeks to purchase companies at a significant discount to business value, requiring a minimum total return of 50% over three years. A rigorous sell discipline is utilized to capture gains and mitigate risk. 

Beutel Goodman U.S. Large Cap Value Strategy

Beutel Goodman’s U.S. Large Cap Value Strategy aims to grow capital through the application of a highly disciplined value-investing approach and investment in a relatively concentrated number of carefully researched U.S.-based companies. The strategy focuses on large-cap stocks issued by high-quality companies. Our disciplined approach positions the strategy to perform defensively in volatile markets, while aiming to capture a significant portion of the market’s upside.

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