Insights From Our Fund Advisers on Market Volatility

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  • February 2018

amundi pioneer

Volatility Overdue, Economic Growth on Track

Despite the recent market sell-off, it is important to put volatility into context. In this piece, Amundi Pioneer provides an overview of the recent volatility as well as some insights into what to expect going forward.

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View on Market Volatility

Cadence shares their view that the recent decline is a matter of multiple contraction rather than deterioration in earnings outlook.

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Market Volatility and Its Impact on the REIT Market

Recent market volatility has impacted each sector in different ways. In this piece, CenterSquare reviews impact and expectations for the REIT market.

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Thoughts on Recent Equity Market Volatility

Is the recent market volatility a signal for investors to reassess risk or simply a return to normalcy?

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4 Reasons for Volatility in 2018

DoubleLine believes there are 4 reasons why investors should expect volatility in 2018—see what they are.

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Fear is Not Enough

The recent market turmoil has been disconcerting for many investors. In this Insight, FQ responds to the question "Is this a bull market correction, or is it the start of a true bear market?"

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Market Volatility: Four Important Perspectives

Investors should focus on these critical facts about the current market—and how U.S. equity markets have responded to prior episodes of volatility.

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Insights on Recent Market Volatility

Montag & Caldwell provides insight on how tightening action from central banks may affect economic growth given the backdrop volatile markets.

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Market Outlook

Renaissance discusses recent market volatility in the context of economic fundamentals and longer term historical trends.

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Market Update

According to Silvercrest Asset Management, volatility was expected to rise given the popularity of ETFs. In this market update Silvercrest shares thoughts on what to expect next.

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Comments on Market Volatility

Skyline shares their view that the recent stock price volatility is a function of financial markets attempting to recalibrate stock valuations, and does not reflect investor unease about company fundamentals.

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Thoughts on Market Volatility

SouthernSun shares their view that specific stocks with strong fundamentals and competitive positions can become more attractive in broad market sell-offs as investors effect a flight to quality.

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Global Markets in Light of Recent Equity Market Volatility

Trilogy shares their view that equity market volatility was due more to micro-structural issues in the equity market rather than to a major global macro shock.

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The insights posted above represent the views of the subadviser as of the date indicated in the insight.  They do not necessarily represent the view of AMG Funds LLC.  All opinions are subject to change based on market, economic or other conditions. These opinions are not intended to be a forecast of future events, a guarantee of future results or investment advice. All data referenced is from sources deemed to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. All investments are subject to risk including possible loss of principal.

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