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Thought Leadership from AMG Affiliates

A collection of commentary & macro views from some of the world's leading independent investment managers

We’ve brought together a selection of thought leadership to help you stand out. We believe that listening to a diverse set of viewpoints and perspectives and making up your own mind is a critical success factor for financial advisors to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Explore market commentaries and macro views from some of the world’s leading independent investment managers here.

Boston Common Asset Management

Boston Common Asset Management (BCAM) is a women-led, majority employee-owned firm dedicated to environmental, social, & governance (ESG) investing. Combining financial & ESG analysis, BCAM identifies innovative companies offering attractive, risk-adjusted returns driven by products or services that generate positive impact. A leader in shareowner engagement, BCAM uses its investor voice to create improvements in policies, processes, & products.

June 2021

Annual Impact Update

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March 2021

Active Investor Impact Update

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GW&K Investment Management

GW&K Investment Management is a dynamic investment management firm that offers active equity and fixed income investment solutions to help meet the needs of a diverse client base. GW&K’s founding principles of applying rigorous fundamental research, focusing on quality and maintaining a long-term view still guide its investment process today.

July 2021

Global Perspectives

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July 2021

Quarterly Investment Review

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