GW&K Small Cap Value Fund II  (ASCTX)

Fund Notice

At a special meeting held on June 18, 2021, shareholders of AMG GW&K Small Cap Value Fund II (the “Fund”) approved the reorganization of the Fund with and into AMG GW&K Small Cap Value Fund (the “Acquiring Fund”), a series of AMG Funds (the “Reorganization”). Pursuant to the Reorganization, the assets and liabilities of the Fund will be exchanged for shares of the Acquiring Fund, and shareholders of the Fund will become shareholders of the Acquiring Fund. The Reorganization is expected to close on or about August 9, 2021.

This is part of a larger strategic business initiative to transition to a fund lineup entirely sub-advised by AMG Affiliates. We believe clients will benefit from a streamlined platform wholly focused on AMG Affiliates’ high-conviction investment offerings, including fee reductions, subject to shareholder approval, across all the strategies involved in the transition. Please see this Fund’s prospectus for further details on the fee reduction.

Share Class


NAV | as of 07/22/2021

-$0.26 (-1.91%)


GW&K Investment Management

GW&K Investment Management

GW&K Investment Management is a dynamic investment management firm that offers asset allocation, active equity and fixed income investment solutions to help meet the needs of a diverse client base. GW&K’s founding principles of applying rigorous fundamental research, focusing on quality and maintaining a long-term view still guide its investment process today.

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