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Silvercrest Asset Management specializes in seeking to create highly disciplined, quality-oriented equity strategies.

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Silvercrest Small Cap Fund

The Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of small cap stocks.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy and Approach

Our Philosophy

Silvercrest's investment philosphy seeks companies that fit their high-quality, relative-value model.  This time tested process emphasizes two main metrics: return on capital and balance sheet strengh.  Careful attention to fundemental valuation enables them to take advantage of marketplace mis-pricings in order to invest in these companies at opportune moments, giving the Fund a potential to benefit from an upward revaluation compounded by the companies’ intrinsic growth.

Our Approach

Silvercrest's investment approach seeks high quality companies that are trading at discounts. Companies with:

  • High return on invested capital (ROIC)
  • Lower debt ratios relative to index
  • Strong cash flows that are transparent
  • Great management teams


Silvercrest analyzes company potential at least 4 years into the future when deciding what kind of excess capital firms can generate. The team pays particular attention to:

  • Strong consistent track records
  • Stable and improving trends
  • Cash flow versus net income
  • Company leverage

Fund Managers

Fund Managers

Roger W. Vogel, CFA

Managing Director

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