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Lord Abbett is an independent asset management firm approaching small and micro cap investing by relying on fundamental research to identify quality growth stocks.

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Special Equity Fund

Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of small and mid cap stocks.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy & Approach

Our Philosophy

Lord Abbett's guiding principle is "investment-led, investor-focused." The firm is committed to intensive research and a multi-dimensional approach to risk management in seeking superior long-term investment performance.

Our Approach

  • Lord Abbett relies on fundamental research for investing in well-diversified growth stocks. The firm targets companies with higher-quality balance sheets and faster than industry average growth
  • Focuses on companies with revenue growth of at least 15% that are experiencing year-to-year operating margin improvement and demonstrating earnings growth driven by top-line growth rather than one-time events or simple cost-cutting measures
  • Team spends extensive time understanding the competitive advantage of the firm, the industry dynamics within which they operate and the strength of management
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