AMG Funds represents over 25 independent and autonomous investment managers, and offers more than 70 mutual funds and separately-managed accounts across nearly every asset class and up and down the risk spectrum—from short-term fixed income to private equity, active equity choices to liquid alternative strategies.

With our broad and diverse array of independent boutiques—and the independent views of the managers who lead them—we take a consultative approach to investing that tailors the solutions we offer to your needs, not ours.

Learn more about our Affiliates and other Fund Advisers:


First Quadrant

First Quadrant (FQ) is an innovative boutique investment firm recognized for excellence in dynamic asset allocation and equity strategies. FQ employs a systematic, theory-based investment process and serves a global, primarily institutional client base.

More About First Quadrant
Frontier Capital Management

Frontier Capital Management Company, LLC specializes in growth and value equity investments on behalf of institutional and individual clients.

More About Frontier Capital Management
GW&K Investment Management

GW&K Investment Management is a dynamic investment management firm that offers asset allocation, active equity and fixed income investment solutions to help meet the needs of a diverse client base. GW&K’s founding principles of applying rigorous fundamental research, focusing on quality and maintaining a long-term view still guide its investment process today.

More About GW&K Investment Management
Harding Loevner

Harding Loevner manages global and non-U.S. equity portfolios following a consistent philosophy focused on long-term investment in growing companies with high-quality fundamentals. The Firm believes diversified portfolios of the stocks of companies meeting its quality-growth criteria, purchased at reasonable prices, offer superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

More About Harding Loevner

Founded in 1982, Pantheon is a leading global private equity fund investor, managing private equity funds and separate account programs for investors around the world. The firm’s long-term presence in Europe, the U.S. and Asia has allowed the team to develop an extensive network of relationships for rigorous on-site due diligence and ongoing investment monitoring. Pantheon is a trusted partner to institutional investors across the globe, including public and private pension plans, insurance companies, banks, endowments and foundations.

More About Pantheon
Renaissance Investment Management

Founded in 1978, Renaissance Investment Management is a registered investment advisor based in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. The firm serves both institutional and high-net-worth clients and offers a variety of investment management strategies based upon a foundation of intensive research and disciplined, process-oriented decision making. Renaissance is a multidisciplinary firm offering domestic and international investment strategies.

More About Renaissance Investment Management
River Road Asset Management

River Road Asset Management was established in 2005 and provides institutional separate account and investment sub-advisory services to a broad range of domestic and international clients. The firm was founded upon a proprietary Absolute Value® investment discipline. This approach was developed by River Road’s founders and occupies a distinct niche within value investing styles.

More About River Road Asset Management
TimesSquare Capital Management

TimesSquare is a growth equity specialist. They are a trusted partner to institutional investors globally, providing mutual fund and separate account management. Reliance on in-depth, research-driven strategies has historically produced strong results across products and market cycles.

More About TimesSquare Capital Management
Yacktman Asset Management

Yacktman Asset Management is a boutique investment firm located in Austin, Texas. Since 1992, the firm has navigated multiple market cycles while adhering to a disciplined investment approach led by Stephen Yacktman, Chief Investment Officer. The firm strives to achieve solid risk-adjusted returns over time.

More About Yacktman Asset Management

Other Fund Advisers

CenterSquare Investment Management

CenterSquare Investment Management is an investor in, and manager of public, private, global and U.S. real estate investment strategies.

More About CenterSquare Investment Management

DoubleLine Capital

DoubleLine Capital blends active management of asset class exposure with bottom-up security selection to construct portfolios with efficient risk-adjusted returns.

More About DoubleLine Capital

Fairpointe Capital

Fairpointe Capital manages mid cap and all cap equity strategies for institutions and individuals. The Firm employs a disciplined fundamental bottom-up process to select companies that are inefficiently priced relative to their growth outlook.

More About Fairpointe Capital

Federated MDT

MDT Advisers, A Division of Federated MDTA LLC, is a quantitative investment management firm that offers a wide array of U.S. equity investment strategies.

More About Federated MDT

Friess Associates

Friess Associates is a growth-oriented manager driven by individual company research that seeks to isolate companies with fundamental profiles that position them for share price appreciation.

More About Friess Associates

LMCG Investments

LMCG Investments manages equity portfolios across a range of market caps, investment styles and U.S. and international regions.

More About LMCG Investments

Loomis, Sayles & Company

Loomis Sayles is a fixed income investment manager where performance-driven investors integrate deep proprietary research and integrated risk analysis to make informed, judicious decisions.

More About Loomis, Sayles & Company

Lord Abbett

Lord Abbett is an independent asset management firm approaching small and micro cap investing by relying on fundamental research to identify quality growth stocks.

More About Lord Abbett

Montag & Caldwell

Montag & Caldwell uses a disciplined team-based fundamental research process that seeks to invest in growth companies.

More About Montag & Caldwell

Next Century Growth Investors

Next Century Growth Investors (NCG) offers portfolio management services within the micro-cap universe by targeting fast growing companies with strong long term growth prospects.

More About Next Century Growth Investors

Pictet Asset Management

Pictet Asset Management believes in disciplined active management through bottom-up stock selection and seeks to identify stocks trading at a discount to its calculation of intrinsic value.

More About Pictet Asset Management

RBC Global Asset Management

RBC is a global asset manager approaching micro-cap investing with quantitative screens and industry research to concentrate stock selection on a narrowed sub-universe of companies.

More About RBC Global Asset Management

Ranger Investment Management

Ranger employs fundamental analysis along with a bottom-up stock picking approach to managing equity portfolios.

More About Ranger Investment Management

Silvercrest Asset Management Group

Silvercrest Asset Management specializes in seeking to create highly disciplined, quality-oriented equity strategies.

More About Silvercrest Asset Management Group

Smith Group Asset Management

Smith Group Asset Management is an investment management firm that blends quantitative research with fundamental analysis disciplines seeking to capture unexpected earnings growth.

More About Smith Group Asset Management

WEDGE Capital Management

WEDGE Capital Management is a boutique investment firm offering value equity and fixed income strategies.

More About WEDGE Capital Management
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